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News from Judy Gunderson
« on: August 21, 2009, 06:55:03 PM »
First, I want to apologize for not posting last week of this upcoming event... but I think in the back of my mind, I was afraid I would "jinx" it or something!   :'(

That being said.... at 7:30am I had my breast tissue expanders taken out, and 800CC silicon implants put in each side!  He also did a little liposuction on the left side, which hurts more than where he put the implants in! LOL  He was supposed to take of what is called the "dog ears" which is where the breast flap was squared off at the cleavage - but looks like he did not do that.  I took a picture of where he marked me up with his marker prior to going into surgery.  I will post it on my gallery this weekend - for anyone who is really curious about what a dog ear is!  giggle

Everything went fine and I was on my way home a little after noon.  My long time friend, Marilyn McMahon RN, went with me because Tom had to work.  I am just a little older than her oldest child - so she is not only a dear friend, but like a second Mom to me.   She is also a breast cancer survivor.

I picked up something to eat on my way home and took my blood sugars and they were 268!!  YIKES!!  (For those of you who do not know, the highest they should go is 120).  So.... I took 30 units of insulin and ate sparingly.  About 1 hour later I thought I would go lie down for a while... took them again and they were 324.  I was really kind of scared to try and go to sleep, because I know when they get high, you can easily slip into a coma.  I have had them be over 500 before and not go into a coma - but my Doctor made me go to the hospital for a day or so.  I had some graham crackers at the hospital and a diet pepsi to drink.... so maybe the combination of the crackers and the stress on my body from the surgery and who knows what else went into my body during the surgery raised them.

I tested them again after lying down for a while and they went down to 254 - so Tom told me he thought I should take another 10 units of insulin -which I did.  We will be eating supper here pretty soon, so I will be testing again before I eat and taking some more insulin then.  Hopefully that will straighten everything out for me.  It is much easier when I drop DOWN to bring the sugars back up by taking a glucose tablet, than it is do get it down from being so high!

I would appreciate your continued prayers as I recouperate and go through the rest of this long journey!

Hugs to you all!

Judy Gunderson