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Title: From My Friend Michael
Post by: admin on December 02, 2008, 08:24:06 AM
Michael is a special guy - a client of mine - who is undergoing chemo right now.  He posts on his blog almost daily and I love reading his posts.  Today - this one struck me close to the heart - so wanted to share it here...

All is as best as to be expected. Another day, another opportunity to make the best of gift I have been given.

I wish to see joy in people today, who are happy to be here and in doing what they are doing. Looking forward to the good all around and what might be. Sure there is a lot to be depressed about, they always will be. However, the other side of that statement is there is a lot to be happy about too if you choose to look.

Let me start counting my blessings and enjoy what I have been given. Let me stop dwelling on the negatives and allow the sun light wash away the doubt a fears that are always around. Enjoy today, yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is not certain.

Let me make the best of today.