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Title: Judy's Phone Consultation with Dr. Neelam
Post by: admin on December 02, 2008, 11:37:56 PM
Dr. Neelam, from Cancer Treatment Centers of America called me today in regards to the reports I sent her on the cancer in my uterus and ovaries.  It was sure good to hear her voice!

So... here is what she told me.... she thinks that the cancer that was in the uterus was "old" and "stabilized" cancer that was there from day one!!  She does NOT think that this is something that just manifested itself since my last PET scan in July.  YIPPEE!!!! ;D

She also said that if the OBGYN was upset because of the cancer - that was ultimately HER responsibility.  We gave her the report from the CT scan to her.... she did her examinations of me (including a pelvic ultrasound) and SHE decided based on that info that I needed a complete hysterectomy.  She also said that it was good that it was done - no matter WHAT stage of cancer I am in.   :o

So.... I will be going back to CTCA at my regularly scheduled time in January - and we will do another PET scan just to make sure I am still "stabilized" (remission remission remission REMISSION!!!!  ARGH!!) and if something pops up, we will deal with it, but she really doesnt think anything is going to change and that I will not have to start back in on chemo or anything.

She also took me off of Tamoxifen and put me on Femara - which I started today.  Now that I do not have ovaries that are producing estrogen, I no longer need the Tamoxifen.  The Femara is an aromatase inhibitor - and aromatase is an enzyme that produces estrogen in post menopausal women.  And..... since the day I started chemo, I have not had a period... and my uterus is now gone... so that DEFINATELY qualifies me as "post menopausal"   (YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE - be jealous if you want... but don't hate me considering what I have been through to GET to this post menopausal state!)   :D

Dr. Neelam said that it will take 4-6 weeks before this pain in my abdomen is gone and I have recovered from the hysterectomy.  She said she wanted me to hold off on any other breast reconstruction surgery until after she has seen me in January - just to play it safe.  I am perfectly willing to do that.

I went for my aredia infusion at the cancer center in Kansas City today - and I was on cloud nine (stomach pain and all!) from talking to Dr. Neelam.  The nurse practitioner that I saw there said that she agreed with everything that Dr. Neelam said.  She was also astonished at the OB's accusations that I had misled her and that she would not have performed the hysterectomy if she had known I was stage 4.  She said that it was not that long ago when a woman had breast cancer, that was one of the first things they did - perform a hysterectomy.

Ok - I guess that's about it - just wanted to give everyone my wonderful update.  Thank you all for your love, prayers and support!