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Title: Back in Zion Illinois and already a little disappointed! : (
Post by: admin on November 30, 2007, 12:55:54 PM
Marianne and I came out to Zion yesterday.  I was supposed to have a battery of test - one being a bone scan - and then today the Dr. was supposed to give me an idea of how I am progressing to know if this protocol is working, if we need to change, etc. 

When I got to the center, they told me that there is a nationwide shortage on the nuclear medicine that they use for the bone scans... so the only test they were able to run on me was a ct scan.  Not sure how much that is going to show as far as progress..... from what the radiation Dr told me, they only way they will really be able to tell what progress has been made without a PET scan anyway. 

Anyway... I will be seeing Dr. Neelam today.... so will post what she says when I get back.  Keeping fingers crossed that I can get SOME SORT of good news!