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Title: Could There REALLY Be Hope for Me and My Loved Ones?
Post by: admin on September 05, 2007, 11:21:48 PM
On September 2nd, late in the evening, my dear friend Marilyn (the one who had also had a mastectomy a few years back) called me and told me that she had just gotten off the phone with a lady at Cancer Treatment Centers of America - and that I needed to call her RIGHT THEN and talk to her!  Because Marilyn is a "go getter" and I knew she would come to my house and wring my neck if I did not call immediately - I hung up the phone and called!   ;D

I hope that YEARS from now I will be telling this story to my grandchildren!  I spoke to a wonderful lady - Tracy - and I listened to what she had to tell me about CTCA - and initially... I must be honest... I was very fearful and unwilling to "think" about leaving my family to travel to get help with the cancer.  I am so stuck in my "comfort zone" that just the thought of leaving made me feel ill.

But .... the longer I talked to Tracy, the more encouraged I felt - that maybe... just MAYBE.... there was a light at the end of this dreadful tunnel - and it was NOT an oncoming train!   ;)

Tracy told me about the facilities at CTCA - how they were advanced in technology, how they had experience with stage 4 breast cancer patients and how their main concern was to make their patients feel cared for and stress free.  She told me that they don't just treat the cancer - they treat the PERSON - body, mind and soul!  And when she told me that they combined standard  (chemo, radiation, etc) therapy with holistic (herbs, vitamins, accupuncture, accupressure, etc) treatment - I was sold! 

So.... I cancelled the chemo appointment that I had here locally - and am ready to head out to Zion, Illinois for the comprehensive workup and treatment plan that CTCA will have for me! 

I will be leaving Sunday, September 9th.... so .... wish me luck!