Author Topic: Good News - Latest Breast Cancer Results  (Read 3382 times)


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Good News - Latest Breast Cancer Results
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:22:25 AM »
Just wanted to let everyone know that Tommy and I went to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America this last week to see Dr. Neelam and the results of my PET scan were normal as was my blood workup!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you to ALL of you who have stuck around with me over the last few years and have supported me and prayed for me diligently! 

It is such a joy to go up to Zion.  I walk into the hospital and there sits Bernadette - she spies me walking in and breaks out in a big grin an greets me - then after she makes up my badges - she comes around the desk and gives me a big hug!!  I had my hair permed in a curly perm before we left on vacation... and everyone loved it - or at least they SAID they did!  LOL 

Then I go to have my port accessed - I always request Brenda to do it... and she was available - so there are more hugs and I love yous... and how is everything going... catching up with each other since my last visit.  Brenda is a pistol!!

Dr. Neelam is a little more reserved - she hugged me and told me she did not recognize me when I had earlier said hi to her in the hallway because of my hair!  LOL  She is "encouraging" me to lose some weight - so I am going to concentrate on that prior to my next visit in July and see if I can.  Not easy to do for me - because exercise is pretty much out of the question between the lymphadema in my arm and the arthritis in my back, not to mention the fused left wrist.  I wonder how many calories you can burn sitting at a desk and wiggling your toes??   :-\

This trip was a little different .... The week before, all of us (me, Tom, Tommy Stephen, Marianne and puppy Princess) drove down to Arizona to see Tom's Dad and Aunt Gladys.  We left Arizona on Friday and drove as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico... and believe it or not... they closed the highway we were on due to snow!!  We finally arrived home on Sunday and then Tommy and I left Monday and drove straight through to Zion, IL to CTCA, because we had the PET scan scheduled for Tuesday!  I was so TIRED and back hurting and right leg swollen up from eating all the drive through junk - I was so happy to get back home on Thursday night!  Even though I have a family member with me... I still miss my husband terribly when I am away - and my kids and pets too!

When we were on the way to Zion, the van started acting up and over heating.  I was just praying I could get to the Illinois Beach Resort where we were booked to stay at.  It would ding and a "check gauges" light would come on.... then I could see the needle going over to the highest red mark on the dashboard.... then it would go back down to normal.... then start all over again 10-15 minutes later.  Needless to say, I was a wreck by the time we got to the hotel!  LOL

To make a long story short.... when Dr. Neelam's nurse was asking how I was doing... I told her I was stressed about the van - and she told me not to worry that she would contact Patient Assistance for me.  So... the Patient Assistance gal at the hospital hooked me up with a local mechanic - and we drove over to them and they said the radiator was going out and needed to be replaced.  Now... one thing I did not say.... before we left on vacation.... we had the van at TWO different mechanics to make sure everything was ok for us to go on a long trip... and they did not pick up on this.

So.... we go to this repair shop - and I was just so impressed with the owner - Ernie and his wife Renee.  They were so wonderful.  It was so neat meeting up with an HONEST MECHANIC.... they were so good to us, I told Ernie that I would make a list of everything I needed done on the van - and would be back in July and would leave it with him for a day so he could do a tuneup and whatever else it needed!  Oh yeah.... about the tuneup - the local mechanic here told me it would be $550-600 to do the tuneup on the van.... Ernie will do it for $250!!!  Believe me... when you have to pay about $1000 a month for prescriptions to keep you alive.... that extra $250 in our pockets is truly a blessing!

These people were so amazing - when I got home, I picked up my voice mail - and there was a message from Renee checking to make sure the van worked ok and that we got home safely!!

Ok - I guess I have babbled on enough! 

Thanks again for sticking with me on this journey!


Judy Gunderson