Author Topic: Back Home from Zion - now the work begins!  (Read 3234 times)


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Back Home from Zion - now the work begins!
« on: October 15, 2007, 08:23:37 AM »
Well... we got back home from CTCA yesterday evening.  It is nice to be home!  The kids did VERY WELL while we were gone.  In fact, it was kind of disappointing because we never heard from them unless we called - so I think they were just having fun taking a "vacation" from us or something!!   >:(

I had 3 days of chemo this time - so I am more tired and experiencing side effects (sore tongue, diarrhea, fatigue) earlier than last time it seems.  But... I know in a few days I will feel better, so that makes it all worth it I guess.

I have no "part time" job to go back to as last Thursday was my last day... so now my Mondays and Fridays can be spent..... doing something else and HOPEFULLY making up the lost income from the job while I am at it!  I have mixed feelings - kind of a relief not to have to leave the house, but after 7 years of working at the job, kind of a downer not having it to go back to.   :(

I have applied for Social Security Disability - but doubt seriously that I will get it.  I hear it is hard to get and unless we get to the point of losing the house or something, I don't feel up to getting a lawyer to fight for it.

I am hoping that I will just continue to get new website clients and can use those two extra days building websites.  Two websites a month will cover the lost income... and then some!   8)

Well... better get to work straightening out this office so I can .... get to work!! 




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Re: Back Home from Zion - now the work begins!
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2007, 02:05:24 AM »
Hi Judy!  I asked NK about your status earlier this week and she had told me you and Tom were in Chicago together.  I had been thinking about you and this also reminded me of Tom going to Navy boot camp.  Our son was there two years ago and we'd been there also near his graduation (which did not happen!!!!  very long story after 8 weeks in boot camp!)  So, when I read your note about walking together on the beach, I was touched by the memory!  You are such a hoot!  Thanks for being such a gift to your family, friends, and acqaintaince's such as me!  Our prayers continue for your complete recovery!
Lora Salva