Author Topic: Visit with Dr. Neelam... here is how it went for anyone interested...  (Read 3109 times)


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Welll, I MAY have gotten some good news... all she had to rely on was the CT scan because of everyone being out of the nuclear medicine for the bone scan.

She said that the cancer had not spread and was being "kept at bay" which is a good sign that the treatment is working.  The cancer in the abdominal wall is still the same size as it was - 4cm.  The CT scan indicated "mild sclerosis of the bony lesion of L4 compared to the 9/12/07 CT scan, probably due to healing process."  She said this was also a good sign that the bone was healing I am guessing from where the cancer had eaten away at it?

She said that in 3 weeks they would do a PET scan (because I told her that Dr. Qamar had said that was the best way to see how the cancer was progressing) and evaluate from there.  She said I would definately have 6 chemos - this is the 4th one.  Then after the 6th chemo, she would see if the oral Tamoxafen would keep things status quo. 

I told her that I was hoping to hear "Cancer is all gone!" and she said that would never happen.  She said the best they could do is try to control it from spreading over the years.

She was also very concerned about the swelling in the right foot and leg.  Now there is redness showing.  So... before the chemo, they had a "doppler" test done in the echo cardio lab where he tested for blood clots.  Everything looked great to him.  So..... the constant swelling of the foot/leg is still a big mystery for everyone.   :'(

Dr. Neelam also recommended I see a podiatrist and get my really dry skin / cracking, etc in the feet taken care of.  So... I will see if I can take better care of them myself - doesnt tickle as much when I do it!   ;D 

OK.... well that is is for the update on the Dr. visit.  Will be heading out shortly for my second set of chemo and then will be coming back tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts during this ordeal!