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« on: October 03, 2008, 10:50:49 PM »
OK... so you mighta hadta been there.... but here's the story....

I'm at CTCA and I am talking to Babette, and Peggy.... and all of a sudden Babette tilts her head and looks at me and says that I am beeping ... what is that noise.... is it my cell phone beeping ..... and we all stop and get quiet... and listen... and sure enough there is a faint ticking / beeping sound... so... like the clown that I am I say.... yes... thats me... its a time bomb in my left boob and it is getting ready to explode any minute now!!

Everyone started cracking up!  Come to find out... it was something Peggy was carrying around that had a low battery in it!!

Of course I have such a great time visiting with everyone there - getting hugs, introducing Tommy to everyone and knowing they REALLY care!  I wore a new SURVIVOR bracelet and when the gals saw it they just loved it - so I gave them my business card and told them to go to my website - and to look at the pics in the gallery of some of them.... so today when I went back up there, they were telling me how beautiful my website was... and I said... "Isn't it just so PINK it makes you want to PUKE??"   8)

Really... I am so in love with the website design - I worked so hard on it until I got it looking just the way I wanted it - just like I do for my clients that I build websites for.