Breast Cancer Buttons

These buttons are specially made by my friend Richard at   Richard has a HUGE amount of religious buttons on his site if you would like to take a visit there.

Wear one on your blouse or pin it to your purse - either way, you are sure to make a statement about breast cancer!

I could be very wrong (and I hope I am not!) but I feel that anyone who is a breast cancer survivor, or is close to one who is, becomes closer to God during the diagnosis and recovery period.  I don't know that I have ever prayed so hard or wept so many tears as I did within the first year of my "death sentence" of stage four breast cancer from the doctor.  I  truly believe that God has carried me throughout this ordeal and these buttons that Richard and I "cooked up" together expresses that. 

I hope you will enjoy these VERY UNIQUE buttons as much as I do my own!

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